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Press Releases

Asurint and Fleetworthy Solutions Partner Together

February 21, 2020 posted by Steve Brownstein

In a move geared towards helping give fleets more viable and beneficial options, Asurint and Fleetworthy Solutions have joined forces as best-in-class service and solution providers for the transportation industry. Asurint is a leading provider of technology-enabled pre-employment background screening and drug testing services. A substantial percentage of the nation's top transportation fleets trust Asurint with their full suite of DOT solutions including criminal screening, drug testing and occupational health services, and motor vehicle records. Fleetworthy Solutions provides DOT and Safety Compliance services and technology solutions. Together, Asurint and Fleetworthy will be able to offer needed assistance and guidance on mandated transportation safety and regulatory compliance to a broader market. Both teams are excited to get to work providing world-class, joint solutions for commercial motor carriers.
"In the transportation industry, Asurint knows there is nothing more critical than speed and accuracy when it comes to hiring safe, quality drivers. Asurint's unique background screening technology, paired with Fleetworthy Solutions' unparalleled expertise in DOT and safety compliance services equate to a higher standard when it comes to putting the right drivers on the road across North America. I am excited for this new partnership and what Fleetworthy and Asurint can do together to provide new and existing clients the chance to hire smarter, safer and faster than ever before," says Gregg Gay, CEO, Asurint.
The transportation industry stands to benefit greatly from the strategic partnership announced. With today's highly tech-enhanced fleets and transportation management systems, every decision must be considered with technology, hardware, and data in mind. Thankfully, both Asurint and Fleetworthy Solutions are companies that design all their services and products with those aspects built in. Asurint's fast and compliant background screening services help carriers hire safe drivers and get them on the road sooner. Asurint also brings to the partnership a catalogue of integrations with world-class ATS providers helping to streamline the onboarding process. Fleetworthy Solutions brings to the partnership a large menu of their own top-notch telematics integrations granting a single source of data for easier compliance management. Further, their network of strategic partners and offerings make driver onboarding more streamlined with compliance in mind from the start. Additionally, they're one of the industry's top providers of Driver Qualification File Management services – a boon to fleets already working in bootstrapped environments.
"Fleetworthy Solutions is excited to get to work providing joint solutions to our customers and the broader market with the help of Asurint. Their longstanding performance and growth in the industry along with their expertise help position Fleetworthy to continue to be a high-value partner to commercial motor carriers. Asurint and Fleetworthy stand ready together to help carriers face the barrage of incoming challenges that their HR and Safety teams will face in the new era of trucking," says Michael Precia, CEO, Fleetworthy Solutions.
The partnership is another way that both companies are working to grow, provide value, and offer additional options to their market and customers. This is yet another sign of how industry influencers are moving to shape the future of the world of transportation.
Current customers interested in taking advantage of the newly formed strategic partnership should reach out to their respective Account contacts at either Asurint or Fleetworthy. Those looking to become new customers of either company can inquire as normal.
With the ongoing struggle of driver recruitment, carrier fleets are often looking for better solutions. This strategic partnership is positioned to be that "better solution" for world-class transportation HR, Safety, Compliance, and Recruitment teams.ief executive officer (CEO) of Employment Screening Resources® (ESR), will be watching this new trend. “With no criminal record checks or past employment verifications, open hiring will be an interesting experiment to follow. It may work for certain jobs, not so much for others,” he said.

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