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Guam Alterations in Court Record Retrieval Processes and Case Information Access

April 21, 2024 posted by Steve Brownstein

Update On Guam Court Protocol (official version): Alterations in Court Record Retrieval Processes and Case Information Access...

The Guam Superior Court has introduced a fresh policy for Record Searches, which has placed substantial hurdles in the path of pre-employment background screenings and general background checks.

To begin, a novel form must now be completed and submitted, accompanied by a fee.

This form mandates the inclusion of the individual's full name, date of birth, and social security number (SSN).

As outlined by the Court, if a record is discovered, the relevant case number(s) will be linked to the initial notification, constituting the preliminary findings.

Subsequently, in the event of a positive match or matches, an additional form is requisite for each case number, along with a corresponding fee.

This secondary form facilitates the retrieval of essential case information.

Our interaction with this revised procedure has shown that with p0rper follow-up  the Court's established reputation for sluggish response times to record check inquiries and occasional inaccuracies in case number provision, compounded by the temporal gap between record notification, procurement, and reception, this overall process has notably improved the TAT .

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