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West Virginia Magistrate Court Records Now Online

April 09, 2024 posted by Steve Brownstein

For the first time, Magistrate Court information is now available online in West Virginia.
Chief Justice Tim Armstead made the announcement today about the Magistrate Case Record Search that is a free service.
The system “greatly improves access to court records. The Supreme Court continues to fulfill its commitment to make the court system more open to the public,” Armstead said during a live-streamed media conference in Charleston.
Anyone with a computer or mobile device can enter a first or last name or a case number and the system will generate search results.
Specific court records, like criminal complaints, must still be obtained at the county courthouse, but the new system contains names and birthdates, as well as general details of each case, such as the date each case was filed, charge, disposition, and a list of documents in the court file.
Jennifer Bundy, public information officer with the state Supreme Court of Appeals, said the system may have more than one case with the same name since it is a statewide system, so as much information as possible should be included in the search.
But the list can be narrowed down quickly since counties are identified with each name.
To conduct a search, go to courtswv.gov, scroll down to Magistrate Court Search, cllck on the icon and then submit information.

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