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Straightline International Offers England Court Records

April 21, 2024 posted by Steve Brownstein

England searches are two-tiered.
First is the Magistrates' Court .
Pricing is from $19.99 - $32.
The court search is based on the postal code you would provide.
The types of cases found at this level are all summary cases and those known as 'either way, meaning it can be heard as an indictable or as a summary offense.
The Crown Court search is the higher court where are indictable's sentencing and trials are held
The Crown Court search is $32
There is special Crown Court pricing when ordered with a Magistrates' Court search
The below links describe the areas served, pricing and what used to be TAT prior to Covid.
Because of Covid staff and working hours reductions at the Magistrates' Court level TAT is between 15-24 days.
Crown Courts are still mostly 2-3 days.
England Prices
London Prices

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