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Press Releases

backgroundchecks.com Enters Into Alliance to Offer Dexter Background Data

January 29, 2014 posted by Steve Brownstein

backgroundchecks.com,a provider of background screening solutions to consumer reporting agencies (CRAs), has allied with Neno Research to offer Neno’s flagship Dexter Background Data offering to backgroundchecks.com clients.

The cooperative between Neno Research and backgroundchecks.com combines Dexter, an automated data retriever designed to help streamline the background checking process for screening companies, with backgroundchecks.com’s multi-jurisdictional criminal database. The combination of that database’s coverage and Dexter’s real-time integration court network offers unsurpassed coverage and timeliness to background screening companies.

backgroundchecks.com president, Craig Kessler, spoke highly of the alliance, saying “Dexter’s product is truly unique. It helps CRAs drastically reduce turnaround time on county criminal history searches while maintaining the level of quality that CRAs need.”

Kessler continued, explaining that “by bundling Dexter and our database searches, our clients get the best of both worlds – a database known for its quality and coverage and court searches known for comprehensiveness and quick turnaround. These are the issues that matter to our clients.”

Dexter provides real-time criminal records technology that pulls reporting data on specific individuals direct from court websites, reducing turnaround time from days to mere minutes in many cases. Not to be confused with a database search, Dexter is automated search technology for retrieving criminal records from court websites that works 24/7/365, never accesses the wrong jurisdiction and never makes human errors (like inverting names or numbers). It further helps CRAs by allowing them to train their employees on one system with one protocol instead of multiple systems with varying search requirements.

backgroundchecks.com provides database records of unsurpassed quality. It focuses on partnering with better sources that provide better records, avoiding sources that limit the information that they report. Additionally, backgroundchecks.com has initiated a number of processes to help eliminate expunged and sealed records from its database more rapidly, helping to found the Expungement Clearinghouse, a background screening company cooperative that shares expungement records with all members to make sure that the unusable records are purged from all member databases, even where the courts have not yet done so.

About backgroundchecks.com
backgroundchecks.com was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. backgroundchecks.com offers background screening products, including a multi-jurisdictional criminal conviction database and traditional background screening services, to CRAs large and small. For more information about backgroundchecks.com and our offerings, please visit backgroundbiz.com.


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