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Wholesale Screening Questions The Wisdom of Continous Montoring

September 01, 2020 posted by Steve Brownstein

By: Michael Gaul

Ordinarily when we talk about a product or service, we focus on what it is. Features, benefits, advantages. We speak to what it is rather than what it is not.

Monitoring seems a bit of a paradox. On face, everyone “understands” what it means. But what do they really understand when we begin to peel back the layers?

Our product is true court records monitoring. It isn’t a National Crim Database Search. It isn’t confined to arrest or bookings data. It isn’t corrections records. And it’s not a periodic court search.

It’s the court records. Let me say that again, it’s the court records.

Many serious cases are not booked, often there is no arrest, no fingerprinting and no jail, yet there will still be a court record.

The court record is ALWAYS the authoritative source regardless of where else some data related to the authoritative court record may exist. Not for some records, not maybe, not sometimes, ALWAYS.

So, you were alerted to an event… What was the offense?… What do you do now… conduct a court search to see if it is actionable?… Wait and follow-up?… And then follow-up and wait again, and then maybe wait and follow up some more?  Many criminal cases take months to be adjudicated; some take years.

What if that wait/follow-up process could be automated? What if it already is? Would you be interested in that?



CrimeFX performs criminal record searches in Puerto Rico

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