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Western Australia Sex Offender Search

December 28, 2017 posted by Steve Brownstein

About Community Protection


  The Community Protection Website (www.communityprotection.wa.gov.au/LocalSearch/) provides any member of the public with access to photographs and certain information on Western Australia’s most dangerous and high risk sexual offenders. It will enable parents and guardians to make enquiries with Western Australia Police about any person who has unsupervised contact to their child or children. The website provides three tiers of information access to ensure that families and the public have information on known sex offenders, which will assist with the protection and safety of children and the community. The Community Protection Website will not publish the photograph, personal details or release any information of an offender who is under the age of 18 years.


Tier 1: Missing Sex Offenders Non Compliant Reportable Offenders


  The first tier of publication, the Missing Offenders section, displays photographs and personal details of reportable offenders who have either failed to comply with their reporting obligations, provided false or misleading information to Police and whose location or whereabouts is not known to Police.


  The purpose of this publication is to enhance public vigilance in order to help locate non-compliant reportable offenders. The publication details include a photograph, the full name, known aliases, date of birth and a physical description of the reportable offender. If you know or have seen these non-compliant reportable offenders and can provide any information to assist in locating them, please pass that information onto Police by contacting 131 444. The photograph and personal details of a reportable offender are removed from publication when the reportable offender is located or reports their current whereabouts to Police.


Tier 2: Local Search for Dangerous and High Risk Offenders


  The second tier of publication, the Local Search, will display photographs of certain dangerous and high risk offenders that reside within the same suburb and adjoining suburbs as the requester. These offenders are dangerous sexual offenders, serious repeat reportable offenders and other persons whose details have been authorised for publication by the Minister for Police. This publication is primarily for the purposes of enhanced public awareness and safety.


Tier 3: Community Protection Disclosure Scheme


  The third tier of publication, the Disclosure Scheme, will allow a parent or guardian of a child or children to inquire with Police whether a specific person, who has regular unsupervised contact with their child or children, is a reportable offender. The parent or guardian making the application must provide their full details, the child or children’s details, the identity of the person of interest and the level of contact that person has with the child or children. Police will assess the request and may disclose to the applicant whether or not the person of interest is a reportable offender. This information is provided to better place the parent or guardian in a position to take appropriate steps to safeguard their children if necessary.


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