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Using The CPIC Database For Pre-Employment Purposes

December 08, 2017 posted by Steve Brownstein

   Can you or can't you?  That is not the question. Rather, the question is -should you? 
 • Fact -Only criminal record information concerning indictable and hybrid offences is held by CPIC.  
 • Fact - The names of persons who have been charged but never convicted cannot be accessed from the CPIC database (with some exceptions).
 • Fact - Information stored in local and provincial criminal records systems may or may not be found in the CPIC database. Since there is no legislation in place that requires local police to submit criminal information to CPIC (with the exception of the Young Offenders Act), the criminal records of the central system do not reflect the totality of records that exist. 
 • Fact - Local or provincial reporting systems contain various record information relating to summary offences (misdemeanors) and provincial statutes not found in CPIC.
  According to Les Rosen, NAPBS Chairperson and FCRA-compliance authority, 
  "There are some counties in certain states that are available on a database.   However, employers should never use a criminal database for employment decisions, and should always make sure that a screening company is utilizing the most hands-on means available to obtain criminal records, which is usually an on-site search at the courthouse.  
  There are a number of disadvantages to a database search.  
  First, the database may not be absolutely current. 
  Secondly, not all counties have criminal records on the database. 

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