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The UAE Suspends Indefinitely The Mandatory Requirement For Certificates Of Good Conduct

May 01, 2018 posted by Steve Brownstein

The Philippine Consulate General in Dubai (PCBDXB) will continue its consular service of facilitating the application for Manila’s National Bureau of Investigation-No Criminal Record (NBI-NCR) document. This comes even as the UAE has suspended indefinitely the mandatory requirement for all first-time employee applicants to present before their prospective employers their certificate of good conduct (CGC) before they are hired and issued work/residence visas.
Consul General Paul Raymund Cortes on Monday told reporters the decision is so since even before the Feb. 4, 2018 implementation of the mandatory CGC requirement for all first-time foreign workers in the UAE, there were Filipinos from Dubai and the Northern Emirates asking for assistance for the facilitation of the application for the NBI-NCR “because their (prospective employers) were asking them to submit (the document).”
“The service has been there because there have been employers asking our kababayans (countrymen) for the NBI clearance,” he said, also saying that what had been added since the CGC mandatory requirement was enforced from Feb. 4 was the appointment system for fingerprinting services “because there was a stark increase in demand for such.” 
Cortes said that based on this scenario there are employers who opt their prospective employees to submit their respective no criminal record documents.

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