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The Most Criminal Name In Australia Has Been Revealed. And it’s not Ivan

August 30, 2017 posted by Steve Brownstein

The Most Criminal Name In Australia Has Been Revealed. And it’s not Ivan
If you had to have a stab at the most criminal first names what would they be?
Bonnie maybe? Or Clyde? Maybe Hannibal - as in Lector? Or what about Ivan, forever tarnished by the Milat connection?
Wrong. The most common first name for criminals in Australia is … Leon.
That’s right, Leon. And if you’re a criminal called Leon you’re most likely to have committed an assault.
Women caught up with long arm of the law are most likely to be called Robin.
Law firm Go To Court collated the names from over 25,000 crimes found on the Australian CrimeNet database and then cross-referenced them with the most popular names in Australia in the last 90 years.
For every 100,000 Leons, more than 3000 had committed a crime.
But Ivans weren’t far behind with 2000 per 100,000 having a criminal record, many of those for drug offences.
Ali, Gerald and Roy rounded out the top five male names.
Women were far less likely to commit crimes. For every 100,000 Robins, 934 had committed a crime with fraud the biggest misdemeanour.
Second placed Kyms were mostly into burglary, Nicoles had dabbled in drugs.
And you shouldn’t trust your aunty Jean. Around 300 in every 100,000 Jeans are a crim and they’re likely to be murderers. Watch out what she’s put in those scones.
But what of Bonnie, Clyde and Hannibal — how do they fare? Well, despite their namesakes nefarious pasts, the people who now carry their names are likely to be law abiding citizens.
Most criminal male names
1. Leon
2. Ivan
3. Ali
4. Gerald
5. Roy
6. Terrance
7. Albert
8. Danny
9. Frank
10. Frederik
Most criminal female names
1. Robin
2. Kym
3. Nicole
4. Lee
5. Shannon
6. Raelene
7. Kerri
8. Tiffany
9. Sonya
10. Jean

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