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The Case Against AI Doing Criminal Record Searches.

February 07, 2020 posted by Steve Brownstein

Cases can slip by. It will take a genius programmer to catch nuances in criminal record identifications.
Not only are there applicants who fudge on their DOB, SSN, etc. (maybe a little ommision or (typo!).
Maybe your client or CRA erred in the DOB data entry - twisted numbers around, added a digit, entered wrong data,
Example: Phyllis at Straightline saves the day. A recent Canada search was entered by the CRA and sent out to Straightline - but when doing the search Phyllis caught a similarity and a seemingly insignificant looking difference. A CPIC (RCMP) search surely didn't notice the similarity. The CRA didn't know the mistake.  But Phyllis did. She pulled the record.
The record was confirmed. Phyllis saved the day .The client saved face. The employer was happy with the fine job the CRA did. Well done. All for $12.
Want more searches done like Phyllis'?
Contact her/us at

CrimeFX performs criminal record searches in Puerto Rico

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