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International News

The Background Investigator Goes To Thailand

May 14, 2018 posted by Steve Brownstein

  Steven Brownstein, Editor of The Background Investigator recently went to Phuket, Thailand to obtain a record that Straightline Interational’s client needed.
 The client had used a different vendor who ran what is called a Criminality search (see article on front page why not to use them) before remembering that Straightline actually goes to the jurisdictions and doesn’t rely on media searches. 
The client  called Straightline International who promptly contacted Steven Brownstein,
Here is his story:
 After receiving the message from my USA office that there was record in Phuket that our client needed  I went over to the Phuket City District Court.
Entering the court and  approaching the clerk’s desk in the waiting area  I was told the record didn’t exist
  I knew that wasn’t true, so I gave the clerk the approximate date (year) of the offense and was told that his computer database didn’t go back that far (ten years) but I should check the archive section.
  I was shown to the archive record section of the court; gave the clerk in the archive section the case information that I had, and a moment or two later the clerk had access to the case and provided to me the information that I needed,
  That information included the Case Number , Filing Date, Name on Record, DOB on record, Correct Charge, Disposition Date, and the disposition (sentencing).
  All done within a few days of the client’s request, and completed to their satisfaction.
Steven Brownstein’s experience is evidence that international court record information is available is you go there
 Because we take criminal records at Straightline International we’ll go the extra mile 

CrimeFX performs criminal record searches in Puerto Rico

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