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The Background Check Joke that Wasn’t So Funny

December 06, 2017 posted by Steve Brownstein

This girl does a background check on every single guy she dates. 
  Sound a bit drastic? 
  Indeed, it is drastic and if you had to run a background check on every guy you went out with it really would take the fun out of dating. 
  It would kind of make you feel like not bothering at all. Still, this girl has a good reason for doing so. 
  Her friend did one for the first time on a guy she liked as a joke, just to see what would come up. And what came up shook her to the core. 
  It was by no means funny. 
  The guy was a convicted rapist. 
  So you see, she does have a good reason to do background checks but it is sad when you think about it.

CrimeFX performs criminal record searches in Puerto Rico

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