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The Background Buzz, the leading e-magazine for HR and background screening professionals adds Socia

February 27, 2020 posted by Steve Brownstein

The Background Buzz, the industry leading e-magazine for HR and background screening professionals added ‘Social Media’ and ‘Drug Screening’ Thought Leadership content columns to address ‘hot issues’ in background screening in the January edition.
The Social Intelligence, column will focus on the emerging practice of employers conducting social media checks during the hiring process. The continues to be a controversial practice, however, according to a CareerBuilder survey, 70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process.”
Bianca Lager, President, Social Intelligence, the author of the new column said this about social media screening, “Despite the many challenges that have been identified about social media screening for employment selection we have designed The Social Intelligence Report™ like other background checks to automate the process and make it fair. Through our trusted partners, our clients receive greater insight on prospective hires that is not available from traditional background checks or interviews, without a messy, complicated workflow.”
W. Barry Nixon, publisher of The Background Buzz and co-author of ‘Background Screening Investigations: Managing Hiring Risk from a HR and Security Perspective’ said, “We are at the crossroad with social media screening which has been stigmatized for many years and now is emerging as a legitimate screening practice that increasingly employers are using during the employment selection process.”
To read the initial Social Intelligence column visit http://bit.ly/2UnL7LJ. To learn about best practices in social media screening access ‘The Social Intelligence Report’ at http://www.socialintel.com.
The second column, Inside Drug Screening, is focused on emerging issues in drug screening. With 33 states having passed laws legalizing the use of medical marijuana and 11 for recreational use along with the opioid crisis this area of employment selection is a hotbed of issues. According to a poll released by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) commissioned by the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry more than half of employers (57 percent) conduct drug tests on all job candidates, while only 29 percent do not conduct drug tests on any job candidates.
Tom Fulmer, VP, Business Development, National Drug Screening, said, "Drug testing is changing rapidly. From changing marijuana laws to new ways of testing for impairment, it is more important than ever to understand industry trends, regulations, and new technology. The Inside Drug Testing column will help you have the most up to date information and strategies to effectively manage your drug testing program."
Nixon added, “We have been working with the background screening industry since 2002 and have never seen a time when drug screening was more important than now. With marijuana being legalized in many states and the opioid crisis, employers have to have a thorough understanding of what is required.”
To read the initial ‘Inside Drug Screening’ column visit http://bit.ly/2UnL7LJ.
To learn about best practices for selecting a drug screening firm access the ‘How to Select a Drug & Alcohol Screening Provider’ guide at http://bit.ly/2ZY3R5s or PreemploymentDirectory.com under our Background Screening Publications (drop down).
Please direct any questions to W. Barry Nixon at 1-949-770-5264 or you can email him at wbnixon(at)PreemploymentDirectory(dot)com or contact him on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/w-barry-nixon-426580/

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