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International News

Steven Brownstein Goes to Puerto Rico Courts

July 24, 2019 posted by Steve Brownstein

Puerto Rico Criminal Record Searches

Back 20+ years ago I started going to Puerto Rico courts to do (perform) criminal record searches for DAC Services, the grand-daddy of many of today's CRA's. Only me and a guy named Martinez did the PR work. He was Choice Point's guy. He didn't like doing the court work, he liked doing MVR work because all he had to do was drop off and pickup the results (for him - easy money!). I liked all the work, especially criminal records, learned their computer system, and commuted between Chicago and San Juan for years. The net result was I became a master of their record checks! So far I'm the only researcher that has ever been able to access onsite their computer system. Maybe the rest of the 'researchers' were not able to figure it out. Fast forward to today - I have established methods with my various experiences and contacts to ensure the best criminal record search available in Puerto Rico - bar none!



And visit my tutorial:


CrimeFX performs criminal record searches in Puerto Rico

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