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Skagit County, WA Superior Court to offer documents online

November 17, 2017 posted by Steve Brownstein

Recently, the court began using the online system Odyssey to manage documents and make them available online, said Skagit County Clerk Mavis Betz.
She said the service is targeted at law firms and real estate title companies that often pull hundreds of dollars worth of documents a year.
The service will cost $250 to $600 a year, based on the size of the organization.
Members of the public who don’t want to pay for access to the online service will still be able to get documents at the clerk’s office as they have in the past, she said.
They will have access to the same documents available online, she said.
Betz said the fees for the Odyssey service are based on the average amount organizations pay per year for documents.
“It’s the best deal for the most amount of people,” she said. “I have some attorneys who spend $1,000 a year, (and some) who spend $50.”
Documents printed at the clerk’s office will still cost 25 cents per page.
Previously, documents were available for purchase on the Secretary of State’s website at $1.25 per document.

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