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Research Companies Out of the USA Are Out of Touch With Reality

March 11, 2020 posted by Steve Brownstein

Here's Why Research Companies Out of the USA Are Out of Touch With Reality
I say out of touch with reality because I think these international researchers believe their own made up stories 100%.
For instance recently on an ad passing as a 'news article, it was written:
(I've highlighted the discrepancies which tell you right off the bat that this company is either trying to pull a fast one ot just plain incompetent.)
Criminal record checks in Indonesia
Most employers and investors prefer to keep away from individuals with criminal records. In the case of Indonesia, checking the court records is not as easy as you might expect.
Therefore, Emerhub provides criminal record checks as one of our key elements of a background check:
• Police clearance certificate (SKCK) verification
• Confirming with the local police station whether the applicant is part of a criminal case
Civil record check
In the same way as we check criminal records, we validate the candidate’s or potential business partner’s civil record.  Indonesia’s court system is complex, and we will help you navigate through it.
So which is it and why is it? Can the court provide the information or not?
The fact that you would have to guess..  It's not eggs  they're  trying to scramble. 

CrimeFX performs criminal record searches in Puerto Rico

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