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Pre-employment Screening Background Searches Sink to New Lows

July 09, 2017 posted by Steve Brownstein

What is now known as a criminality search.. a combination of a media search, like Google, plus a global sanctions search has lowered the bar on what is offered as a background check.

These searches are used in hoping that a name match occurs.. in this yes.. risky business. A $60 million judgment for misinterpreting the sanctions list was recently announced.

Many pre-employment screening companies hate to pass up a business opportunity but this is taking their standards to a new low. Odds are you'll never be sued. Odds are you'll never find a record.

But the only way a company can sell you this search or its result is by warning you that this is not a criminal record search. Do you believe for one minute that you're out of harm's way by their or your announcing that? This from "the one lawyer in one town will always go broke committee".

So what are they doing? Why are they offering or you're using this "search?"

You're willing to pay for something or as a researcher offer a client a result with a downside so great.. why?


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