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Over 7500 Fake Background Check Companies In India

February 05, 2020 posted by Steve Brownstein

First Advantage has found background check fraud in India

And at least that many of the 7500 fake companies or more are providing fake documents!
The Uber rape case in New Delhi has revealed the murky underbelly of slapdash background checks in India.
Uber is not alone. In a growing economy like India, companies are often seen in a mad rush to hire in the hundreds. Tight timelines for hiring and cost-consciousness often tempt recruiters to go easy on checks and verification.
And it is not hard to get fake documents in the country. There are close to 7500 companies in India, which operate just for providing fake employment and educational certificates, according to a report by First Advantage, a background screening company.
The company that discovered this startling number was First Advantage during the process of an education verification on prospective hires audit that it conducted for its clients. Among the discrepancies found, anomalies related to employment, address and education antecedents were at 60.4%, 15.9% and 6.0% respectively.
Who does these checks in India?
In India, the prevalent norm is for human resources (HR) to conduct a reference check from past employment based on the information provided by a candidate. The authentication of residential addresses, educational and criminal records is typically outsourced to third party background verification companies.
These agencies usually take between seven and 10 days to give a report and charge between Rs2,000 and Rs3,000 per candidate. The fee goes up in case of extensive checks and for senior level hires.
Despite the growth in the number of screening agencies, most companies are yet to give pre-employment background checks the importance it deserves.
Perhaps it is time that companies go the extra mile and conduct thorough background checks on prospective background screeners.

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