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International News

Onfindo Explains Their System With A Little White Lie

April 25, 2019 posted by Steve Brownstein

Ofindio Explains Their System:
Here’s how it works: Employees for Onfido’s more than 1,500 customers (among them Handy, Work Market, Turo, BlaBlaCar, Square, Revolut, Indiegogo, Bitstamp, Orange, Remitly, and Zipcar) snap a selfie and a picture of their passport, driver’s license, identity card, or one of 600 other forms of identification. They perform a liveness check by following on-screen instructions involving one of several actions (like blinking, saying a sequence of numbers, or smiling), and then, using optical character recognition, facial biometrics, criminal records, driving misdemeanors records, and other checks, Onfido spits out a risk report indicating its confidence in the person’s identity.
Onfido claims that its AI-driven platform can automate background checks in seconds across 192 countries (Edotor's Note: Not In Your Lifetime) , though it also leans on humans “to verify outliers.” And it says that its solution complies with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, helping it to achieve fraud exposure rates as little as 0.19 percent.

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