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International News

Latvia Courts - What Are They

September 01, 2020 posted by Steve Brownstein

In the Republic of Latvia, alongside the legislature and the executive, there is an independent judiciary. Judicial power in the Republic of Latvia belongs to district (city) courts, regional courts, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court. In Latvia, the court is decided only by a court.
Civil, criminal and administrative cases in Latvia are heard in 17 courts, which are divided into three levels - nine district (city) courts, six regional courts and the Supreme Court.
Within the competence specified in the Satversme of the Republic of Latvia and the Constitutional Court Law, the Constitutional Court hears cases regarding the compliance of laws and other regulatory enactments with the Satversme, as well as other cases transferred to its competence by law.
Hierarchy of courts:
The courts are organized and operate in a certain hierarchy, so that cases heard in a lower court can be reviewed in a higher court in cases specified by law.

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