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Kane County, IL Added DOB's To Search Results

December 28, 2017 posted by Steve Brownstein

  Kane County's newly launched Odyssey Case Management System is helping the county's entire judicial process — from the start of a criminal or civil case to its conclusion — run more efficiently and provide users with more information on cases.
  The data is being transferred from an older system that was based on finding information using a case number, Circuit Clerk Tom Hartwell said. The new system, Odyssey Case Management System from Texas-based Tyler Technologies, allows people to find information using names, he said.
  A side effect of providing a name based records system is the amount of personal information now available online, Hartwell said. A problem is common names, he said. In order to use the system better, a person's date of birth or driver's license is listed on Odyssey to help search for information more efficiently, he said.
  "It is surprising people, the fact of the amount of information" available on Odyssey, he said. However, the same information is available on court dockets. "I am the keeper of the records. When it is put in the record is in there, I can't redact it," Hartwell said.

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