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Press Releases

Instant People Check, LLC Reports Social Security Check Inaccuracies

October 31, 2013 posted by Steve Brownstein

Within the last several months, Instant People Check, LLC, an online national criminal background checking company, reports a 10 to 15 percent increase in Social Security background checks with either fraudulent or some type of inaccurate result.

The need for Social Security verification has led Instant People Check, LLC to continue its commitment of their discounted NationwidePlus criminal background check that includes a Social Security check.

According to David Moulder, co-owner of Instant People Check, LLC, “Due to the increase in Social Security fraud, many of our regular business clients have turned to our NationwidePlus criminal background check for more complete results of their national background check. The NationwidePlus background check has uncovered Social Security data that was stolen, falsified and used from deceased persons.”

Instant People Check, LLC has discovered that some Social Security checks will turn up a name that is entirely different than the legitimate owner. Moulder states, “This could indicate a possibility of attempted identity theft or someone trying to hide negative information from their past.”

Instant People Check’s updated Social Security validation check notifies the business or employer that the results do not match the name of their applicant. According to Moulder, “It’s not a perfect system, but most records are accurate. Many of our clients now depend on our NationwidePlus criminal background check to be certain the applicant is providing accurate information to them.”

Social Security data from the Social Security Administration is not available to businesses. However, credit information does contain a Social Security number, which Instant People Check can access. Moulder explains, “the information from Social Security Verifications have been extremely beneficial to potential employers. The data helps to verify the name on the background check.

Instant People Check, LLC recommends that individuals periodically check their own Social Security Number for any type of inaccuracy. Many have not realized that negative marks on their credit report could suddenly appear that will ultimately hurt their chances for applying for future loans.

Moulder adds, “With a Social Security Check, individuals may discover an unknown name tied to their number."

The normal price for a complete NationwidePlus background check is $29.95 per search. However, Instant People Check, LLC offers substantial discounts, more than 50% in some cases, for business that require multiple searches.


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