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How NAPBS APAC Got Started

January 03, 2019 posted by Steve Brownstein

India Conference A Huge Success
The turn-out was high. The 2nd Annual India Worldwide Pre-Employment Screeners' Conference was held Aug. 28-29, 2008 in New Delhi.
Many new faces and companies contributed to an extrordinary atmosphere.  Hot new topics included database applications and value added services. 
An update of the India Association of Pre-employment Background Screeners (IAPBS)  was perhaps the most enthusiastically received subject as lively conversation among the attendees added to the excitment.
 Steven Brownstein, publisher of The Background Investigator and organizer of this event, was asked if the conference matched his expectations.
"Matched?  More like exceeded!" replied Brownstein.  "To see an organisation such as the IAPBS begin humbly from our first conference in Bangalore..now to see its formation and efforts its founding members are putting forth, I couldn't be more pleased."
Continuing, " When I organised the first conference ever of its kind, in Long Beach, California, 7 years ago, I suggested then to form an organisation. It took some coaxing from me to get a few to stand up and grow that idea. Look today, we have the NAPBS.
From a small mustard seed, my idea of a national organisation grew.  Now it's deja vu in India. What I have to say is this - one great job!"
 Because of the risks Steven Brownstein takes to spread the idea and values of pre-employment screening around the world his pioneering attitude has made background checks accepted globally . His publication ,The Background Investigator, brings the industry the latest news and topics.
His conferences continue the forum of background check professionals openly sharing their ideas without prejudice. 
Background screening, record checks, employment screening, whatever you might want to call it, for India it was a success.
The Background Investigator is found at: www.thebackgroundinvestigator.com
Steven Brownstein can be reached at: steveb@search4crime.com

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