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Hidden Meaning for Cook County Limited Court Searches?

April 01, 2020 posted by Steve Brownstein

Beware of companies advertising Cook County criminal records availability as Limited.  There is no Cook County court access. The only limited things I can imagine is a play on words (and doing so hiding the fact) that the information they are providing comes from a third party source. Cook County does sell their criminal court records and some companies buy them. So what are you getting? Not current information, that's for sure.  
Some companies are providing a list of closed courts in the USA.  In tables provided to us by them they list the state or county  courts as Closed, but in Cook County they put Limited.  They want you to think their list is official yet slip in a Limited Access to one of their biggest money makers, Cook County. This can mean really bad things. Integrity is one of them. What is Lmited Access?  I think they owe us an explanation.

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