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National News

Greenwood County Goes Digital

February 15, 2018 posted by Steve Brownstein

Greenwood County’s courts are going digital, in the hopes of saving time, money and headaches caused by mountains of paperwork.
The state’s E-filing pilot program rolled out Feb. 6 in Greenwood, meaning the paperwork many attorneys used to file in hard copies at the courthouse can now be filed online, at any time.
It’ll mean a quicker turnaround, less clerical work, and he imagines it’ll save taxpayers money as well as private litigants.
E-filing also means that new court records will be available online for viewing, and court officials are working to scan all pending paperwork in so that’s accessible online, too. Cases from across the state can be found at sccourts.org/caseSearch, though not every county has implemented e-filing yet.
The state courts system expects all counties to have e-filing by February 2019, according to a statement from Tonnya Kohn, interim director of the court administration. The switch over began in 2015.
“I think it takes more off of the staff,” said Greenwood County Clerk of Court Chastity Copeland. “It’s not just paperwork everywhere.’

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