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Press Releases

Corra Group discontinues all Puerto Rico Background Checks

October 19, 2017 posted by Steve Brownstein

Corra Group has discontinued all Puerto Rico Background Checks until further notice. The devastation to the island territory from Hurricane Maria has made it questionable when such public services as criminal and civil records checks, and Motor Vehicle Driving Records will again be accessible for employment screening purposes.

“It is just absolutely tragic, all the destruction to Puerto Rico, “said Corra Group Co-Founder, Nick Gustavson. “The citizens are in desperate need of food and fuel, and hospital supplies. The electric grid has been destroyed. This is no time to expect any government agency to be paying attention to background checks.

“Our researchers have advised us that there will be no access checks until further notice,” said Gustavson. “We at Corra Group believe it will be many months before most government services are even partially restored.”

CrimeFX performs criminal record searches in Puerto Rico

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