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International News

China criminal record search Prices

December 30, 2018 posted by Steve Brownstein

Use the tables below to understand the prices of China criminal record searches

China City Prices

Shanghai 21.99

Beijing 21.99

Tianjin 21.99

Wuhan 24.99

Xi'an 24.99

Suzhou 24.99

Chongqing 27.99

Chengdu 21.99


Dongguan 24.99

Harbin 21.99

Fuzhou 24.99

Foshan 24.99

Quangzhou 24.99

Nanjing 24.99

Qingdao 17.99

Shenyang 24.99

Dalian 27.99

Shenzhen 24.99

Others 89

Courts Served Basic Peoples Court (Grass Roots Level) - The courts of first instance. Lessor Offenses (Summary or Misdemeanor) Intermediate Courts - The courts of jurisdiction for serious cases and cases forwarded from the Basic Court. TAT is 1-3 days for major metropolitan areas and their surrounding vicinity Note: Please include Chinese ID card with order. Preferred method Other China costs Civil from 110 *Indexes at the Provincial level contain both Basic and Intermediate Court Records See next page for Province-wide court search prices 

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