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Checkr, Even with Lawsuits, Touts its AI

April 21, 2019 posted by Steve Brownstein

The Checkr screening solution uses artificial intelligence or AI to classify background data to provide more relevant reports. The company has also launched Better Future to empower job seekers so they can see what is in their background before they submit their application.

With unemployment rates getting lower each month, the tight labor market is forcing businesses to adapt and offer more incentives. This is making companies reevaluate their stance on criminal records to determine what they can tolerate in term of offenses.

For small business owners who are facing this labor shortage, being able to evaluate the background of an applicant with detailed information can be extremely helpful.

Identifying the type of crime an applicant has committed and determining whether it is relevant for your business is important. This is where Checkr’s AI technology comes to play.


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