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National News

Bahamas Criminal Proceedings - What Happens Where

September 08, 2020 posted by Steve Brownstein

Proceedings are instituted in the name of the Queen in the Supreme Court and in the name of the Commissioner of Police in the Magistrate's Court.
• The Magistrate's Courts hear summary matters or indictable matters which may be heard summarily. Stipendiary and Circuit
Magistrates have jurisdiction to impose a maximum sentence offive (5) years. 
They also conduct preliminary inquiries in indictable matters to determine whether a prima facie case has been made against an accused person. 
If a prima facie case is made out, the accused is committed to the Supreme Court to stand trial.
• If the person is tried and convicted in the Magistrate's Court, an appeal lies to the Supreme Court or to the Court of Appeal, depending on the nature of the offence.
• An appeal may lie from the Court of Appeal to the Judicial Committee of Her Majesty's Privy Council, which is the highest Court of Appeal in The Bahamas. 
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