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BRB Publications Launches Free Online Portal for Searching Public Records

October 10, 2017 posted by Steve Brownstein

BRB Publications Launches Free Online Portal for Searching Public Records
  BRB Publications, the nation's premier publisher of references and websites used for locating public records, is pleased to announce the launch of BRB Search, a free online portal for searching public records.
  The new portal is an easy search approach to view contact information and links to free online look-ups for over 20,000 government agencies.  The new portal represents an alternative to the existing look-up method which is more of a drill down approach. BRB Search also includes contact information for county court and recording offices, 20 core state agencies per state, occupational licensing boards, federal courts, members of the Public Record Retriever Network (PRRN) by county, plus there is an adjoining county search feature.
  “The new online experience from BRB Publications will help improve productivity and efficiency for our prospective customers as well as give them immediate tools they need to make relevant decisions based on access of public record data”, says CEO of BRB Publications, Michael Sankey.
  BRB Publications continues to implement innovative technologies and modernize its processes to better serve its client base and those who depend on the free information displayed at the BRB Publication website. The new cyber portal is among a number of steps BRB Publications is taking to set standards for industry innovation. 
  To access BRB Search, please visit https://www.brbpublications.com/gen/brbsearch.aspx.

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