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Are there really Court Runners in Every County?

September 16, 2019 posted by Steve Brownstein

I was last week at (of all places) Sicily when I met this young entrepreneur who is making it big in digital ID verification. It was insane, to say the least, that even in Italy I would meet someone who was buying some of his product from one of my friends - a starter in the ID verification industry.
The twist in this story is that this guy's company was searching out CRA's to do their pre-employment screening.
As they are high tech, he approached two large CRA's whose product is technology, more so than criminal records.
The story ends when he told me that even these high tech CRA's couldn't automate all their criminal record searches.
The joke is that the CRA's told this guy that where they don't have electronic access to court records they have runners that go to the court!

CrimeFX performs criminal record searches in Puerto Rico

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