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10 Top APIs for Crime

March 09, 2020 posted by Steve Brownstein

Developers looking to create applications for crime fighting can find dozens of Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs in the Crime category on ProgrammableWeb. In the Crime category, there are resources available to return crime statistics, return background check information, provide sex offender information, provide facial recognition, create crime maps, return cyberattack data, return dark web data, predict online fraudulent behavior, and possibly even spot a murder in real-time.
This article details the ten top Crime APIs determined by web page visits on ProgrammableWeb.
1. Family Watchdog API
Family Watchdogis a free service to help locate registered sex offenders in your area. The Family Watchdog APITrack this API allows users to integrate name and location search of sex offenders into apps. The service covers USA, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands.
Family Watchdog API
Image: FWD Holdings Inc.
2. SpotCrime API
SpotCrime provides maps at the neighborhood level representing data on criminal incidents from city and county police and other authorities. It provides alerts on incidents within specified areas and summary reports of crimes reported to police by area and time period. Spotcrime API methods support retrieval of a list of crimes within a specified radius of a location defined as latitude and longitude. Data returned includes victims, the type of offense, the date and location, and a description provided by investigating officers or other authorities.
3. YourMapper CrimeScore API
Your Mapper aggregates local government data from cities across the nation, standardizes it, geocodes it, and keeps it up to date for websites and applications. YourMapper provides the CrimeScore APITrack this API which utilizes police reports and determines a score weighted for type of crime, recency, and proximity, then adjusted by neighboring CrimeScore ratings. Developers can use the API to create crime maps with badges containing a 1-100 score or an A-F grade.
4. CrimeoMeter API
CrimeoMeter provides crime data and crime maps for more than 50 cities. The CrimeoMeter Crime Data APITrack this API returns data including incident code, date, description, source, type, location, and more. The API also returns JSON data with safety quality indexes (SQI), statistics, and safety recommendations for a specific location.
CrimeoMeter API
Image: CrimeoMeter
5. Recordsapi.com API
The Recordsapi.com APITrack this API returns XML or JSON formatted data from public records. The service allows access to over 105 billion records from 9 databases, and includes data about geneology, business records, individual persons (birth, death, grave, marriage, etc.) criminal background checks (arrests, inmate, offender, mugshot, warrants, etc.)
6. Unlimited Criminal Checks Offender API
Unlimited Criminal Checks provides users with databases on criminal records across the U.S. The company offers the Data Does It Offender APITrack this API which allows developers and marketers to pull records including criminal courts, Department of Corrections, sex offender, white page current and historic (great for skip tracing) and reverse cell phone look ups. Results include nationwide sex offenders complete with street address, lat/lon, personal details, vehicle and DMV provided in both XML and JSON formats.
7. 18F/FBI Crime Data
FBI Crime Data Explorer is a website that allows law enforcement and the general public to more easily access uniform crime data. The FBI Crime Data APITrack this API allows users to look at multiple years of data from state and local law enforcement agencies. Personally identifiable information (PII) about the offenders or victims is not available. FBI Crime Data Explorer and API were created in conjunction with 18F, a government digital services agency.
Developers can get access to crime data with this API
Developers can get access to crime data with this API. Image: Federal Bureau of Investigation
8. UK Police API
Data.police.uk is a site providing open data about crime and policing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The data.police.uk APITrack this API contains crime data and information including neighborhood team members, upcoming events, crime statistics for both street and neighborhood level, outcomes for street level crimes and the locations of the nearest police stations.
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9. BackgroundCheck API
BackgroundCheck REST APITrack this API provide access to background screening records, including criminal records, addresses, court documents, and more. It currently is composed of U.S. Criminal Records, U.S. Jail Inmate (Who's in jail) Database, and U.S. People Database - Past to Present The API returns data in XML & JSON formats
10. Jailbase API
Jailbase is an informational site about arrested persons. On the Jailbase website, users can search arrested persons with mugshots included if available, lookup recent arrests and be notified if someone they know is arrested. The Jailbase APITrack this API lets users search for arrested and booked individuals in county jails. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

CrimeFX performs criminal record searches in Puerto Rico

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