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National News

Rate Of Americans Turned Away At The Border Surges

April 19, 2017 posted by Steve Brownstein

  The rate at which Americans were denied entrance into Canada across the U.S.-Canadian border surged over 31 percent last year, with 30,233 U.S. citizens being turned away throughout 2016, Canada Border Services Agency figures stated. That’s up from 23,052 stops the year before – and just 7,509 in 2014.
  The trend, first reported Wednesday by Canadian newspaper La Presse, doesn’t indicate instability or a lack of cooperation across the neighboring nations; in fact, it may actually show the opposite.
  The U.S. and Canada stepped up its sharing of national security information, criminal records and other data under former President Barack Obama’s administration. The new efforts to increase bilateral security measures likely equipped the Canadian border services agency with new tools to prevent a range of Americans from entering the nation.
  That could mean Canada is now able to turn away dangerous convicted felons, Americans charged with crimes avoiding court dates and other citizens attempting to cross the border illegally more than ever before.
  The rate at which Canadians have been denied entry at U.S. checkpoints along the border has remained consistent with typical statistics in recent years. More than 28,000 people were refused entry from the U.S. last year, while 27,311 

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