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Porter County, IN Goes Online

July 08, 2013 posted by Steve Brownstein

Porter County Clerk Karen Martin is excited the final push is underway to provide free online access to county court cases.

The initial step of placing traffic infractions into the new system, along with ordinance violations in October 2011, reduced the workload in the busy clerk's office enough to allow employees to be shifted to other areas of need, she said.

The huge undertaking is part of a state-funded effort to bring uniformity to case management systems across Indiana, said Mary DePrez, director of the Indiana Supreme Court's Judicial Technology and Automation Committee, which is overseeing the project.

There are 23 different systems operating at the county and municipal levels, she said. The Odyssey Case Management System brings those files together and provides not only free public access, but also links them with one another and with state agencies.

Porter County is on track to go live with the balance of its criminal and civil court cases in September, she said. Users will be able to search by case number, party or attorney names, by court or by date, DePrez said.

The system provides access to the court dockets, which reveal action that has occurred in a case, she said. Documents cannot be viewed from the system and will still require a visit to the courthouse to access the paper file.

Cases already in the system for Porter County and elsewhere around the state can be viewed for free at http://mycase.in.gov, DePrez said.

A total of 46 of the state's 92 counties already have some presence in the system, including neighboring LaPorte County, DePrez said. Preliminary discussion is underway with Lake County.


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