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National News

Idaho Online System Delayed

April 18, 2017 posted by Steve Brownstein

  A new electronic court filing and records system won’t be up and working in Canyon County in April as planned, but when it starts this October, local court employees will be ready.
  Raena Bull, Canyon County’s court training and development manager, said she, for one, is excited about implementing the new system, called Odyssey, despite the Idaho Supreme Court’s decision to delay rolling it out in 10 counties, including Canyon.
  The new system is set to replace iStars, the software that allows Idahoans access to court case information online via the Idaho Repository. While the repository is popular, receiving about 200,000 hits per day, it doesn’t allow users to do things like view or file individual documents online.
  With Odyssey, attorneys, judges, clients, media and any other member of the public will one day be able to view those records online. But because of a few glitches, the opportunity to view those records over the internet is taking a little longer than anticipated.
  “That extra time will be used by the Supreme Court to fix bugs that came up in Twin Falls County and Ada County,” Bull said.
  So far, Twin Falls and Ada are the only two counties that have integrated Odyssey.

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