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College Dean With Criminal Record Shows Flaws In Background Checks

July 24, 2013 posted by Steve Brownstein

by Steven Brownstein

 A recent uncovering of a felony record of a Delaware State University dean magnifies the problems in the background screening industry

The DSU dean was found to have a felony criminal record and convictions for forgery, embezzlement, and passport fraud.

A background check was performed by an (outside) screening company. That is the norm. No problem there.

But what is the problem is the depth of criminal record research the pre-employment screening firm does.

In this case it is apparent that a Federal Court search was not done. After all, it's not in the 'guidelines to background screening' as a 'must' source to check.

Nor are many other criminal record searches part of background checking's normal service.

Most background check guidelines only go so far for the screening company to check a "central location" in a given county. No matter if there are several courts throughout that county and they are not integrated into one data system at that central location.  A norm is a norm, that is, until someone is caught.

Could the (whichever) background screening company have gotten the criminal record of this dean? Of course.

But since, by background screening guidelines it's not part of a standard criminal check, it musn't count.

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