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When Bad Info About Criminal Record Checks Hurts Us All

March 28, 2017 posted by Steve Brownstein

One of the important lessons to come out from the first India Screeners' Conference held in   Bangalore was that when screening firms disagree about what criminal records are available internationally, the credibility of the entire industry is undercut in the eyes of clients and employer. 
For example, some firms maintains that criminal records are not available from Singapore. 
However, firms that have actually gone to the Singapore courthouse, have found that criminal records are available.
As a rule, members of the industry should carefully analyze any claim that such-and-such country does not allow criminal background checks. 
Nearly every country has multiple sources of criminal records such as police authorities, government agencies, prosecution offices, and courts. 
Just because police departments internationally may not release records does not mean that records are not available from other sources. 
The situation is similar to the U.S. 
The bottom-line is that screening firms should distinguish when there is a complete prohibition on obtaining any kind of criminal records versus a lack of availability or limitations in the manner and means of obtaining and utilizing criminal records. 
Where a screening firm makes the claim that records are absolutely not available from a certain country, the best practice would be for them to clearly post facts or information that forms the basis of that position so that others may review and evaluate it.

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