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Screening Fraud Becoming Serious In India

February 06, 2020 posted by Steve Brownstein

Rahul Belwalkar is an HR expert and his core competencies include employee background screening, partner due diligence, pre and post underwriting risk management, insurance claims investigations, client servicing, and back-office operations. He talks to The Week (An India magazine0  about the seriousness of the situation, the kind of frauds in this space and what needs to be done to have proper background checks or verification of candidates.
How serious is the situation of background screening in India today?
Background screening in India is becoming an extremely serious process. Cases of employee fraud and misrepresentation of resume or employment data have been plaguing the recruitment process for years.
Have you come across any frauds related to background screening?
Frauds are usually from candidates who submit fake credentials. However, we recently came across a company in Hyderabad that was providing fake employment certificates. It was was a legitimate company that had a separate set of operations. This came to light only because the company where a candidate was about to join asked for a relevant salary slip and subsequent tax records, which were non-existent.

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