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Close As You Get - UK Sex Offender List

August 24, 2017 posted by Steve Brownstein

List 99 Check Online 
Education providers are able to complete a List 99 check, now known as Children's Barred List Search through Personnel Checks.
This is an instant result which confirms if the applicant could be barred from working with children. Local Authorities, Schools and further education institutions may, therefore, check if a person is included in the Children's Barred List before confirming the person's appointment (to ensure that they do not appoint a person whose employment is prohibited). 
Instant Results From A List 99 Check
We can take your applicants’ details over the phone and inform you on the same day if the individual is barred from working with children, which will then be confirmed in writing for your records.
These checks can be carried out whilst the applicant's Enhanced DBS Check is being processed. 
How Much Does a List 99 Check Cost?
£10.00 + VAT
Who Can Access A List 99 Check?
List 99 checks are exclusive to the Education sector. Only professions such as Teachers, Tutors, and Teaching assistants are eligible for this search.
List 99 checks are a separate service to DBS checks, you do not have to apply for a DBS check in order to access the List 99 Check.

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